Alcoholics Anonymous "We've Been There"
Alcoholics Anonymous"We've Been There"

If you are seeking help with your drinking then please use the telephone numbers on the Home page.


If you are a professional or private organisation wishing to make contact regarding how we can be of assistance, give talks, arrange a visit, request literature etc then please contact our public information liaison officer

Intergroup Contacts



Intergroup Chairperson



Intergroup Secretary - please send updates here.

Also any new group officers who need find information or just need help.

Public Information Liaison Officer (PILO)


Main contact for professional or private organisations

Health Liaison Officer: (HLO)

Frank S  

Main contact for help or information from the heath service, doctors, etc

Telephone Liaison Officer: (TLO)

Scott M  

Main contact for the telephone committee and person to submit your groups sponsored 12 stepper or telephone responder volunteer form to.

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (ECLO)

Richard W

Responsible for this web site

Prison Liaison Officer (PLO)


Main person responsible for meetings in our local prisons

Probation Liaison Officer (PROB)

Becky O 

Probation contact

Share Liaison Officer (SLO)

 Heather S 

Contact for 'Share' magazine

Armed Services Liaison Officer (ASLO)

Jonathan R 


Main contact for ALL of the Armed services

 Literature   VACANT

Will assist the groups and point them in the right direction

Treasurer for Intergroup


Responsible for all contributions that have been forwarded regularly from groups. (Groups are asked not to send any contributions direct to GSO please)

Vice Chair

John E 

Deputy to the chair

Convention Convener


Main contact for the annual Needham Market Convention and liaison for the event



Responsible for keeping the local history of

 A A

Meetings Update

Richard W


 Responsible for keeping the meetings list up to date: It is important for Secretary’s or GSO’s to please send any update or changes to all meetings details. You can find an update form on the >>> handy literature page

Employment Liaison Officer (ELO) VACANT Main contact for all liaising with companies / organisations 
Young Persons Liaison Officer VACANT 

Responsible for maintaining connections with younger members of the fellowship.